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Mrs. Claus Christmas Outfit Costume

As the saying goes, behind every successful man theres a great woman. and sweet Mrs. Claus is no exception. Our Mrs. Claus outfit will get you in a Christmas mood. It features a long red dress that is soft to the touch and has fluffy trip at the cuffs.

Mrs. Claus Christmas Outfit Costume

Adult Mrs. Claus Costume - $159.97

The Little Known Wife of the Well Known Santa Claus

An exclusive interview with Mary Louise Claus, a Woman of Charm and Personality

It was a long journey to the suburban home of the Santa Clauses, and their quaint little house is hidden from the road and public gaze by evergreens. The house is distinctive from the fact that it has many chimneys and no doors. The interviewer had no difficulty in making descent down the front chimney. A cozy fire was noticed blazing on the hearth as we slid past the blazing logs into the room.

Mary Louise Claus came forward with a cordial welcome.

"I'm sorry," she began, "but Mr. Claus can see no one, as this is his busy season, but if there is any message ---"

"I have come to interview you," the reporter informed her.

A look of surprise and pleasure lighted up her gentle old face. "I don't know that I have anything very interesting to say," she said, "Of course, I've always been active in Mr. Claus's business, and when the Christmas trade was larger even than it is now I always kept in the background. You see Mr. Claus had so much personality that we never thought the public would be interested in hearing about me."

There was a wistful something in Mrs. Claus's face which led the interviewer to believe that in spite of her shy self-depreciation, Mary Louise Claus was hungry for a few crumbs of recognition for the part that had been her's is building up her husband's success.

"Santa has rather old fashioned ideas about women," she admitted. "Even in his Christmas business he has come near to losing out by not keeping up with the progress of the times. It took me a long time to convince him t5hat his line of celluloid articles and plush cases full of impossible sail and sewing utensils was out of date. He will stick so to staples."

"Perhaps you may not know it, but I was the one responsible for the useful Christmas present. Santa had an antiquated idea that a Christmas present must be useless. I might add that it was a man's point of view."

"Are you an advocate of Woman's Suffrage?" she was asked.

"I should say I am," affirmed Mrs. Claus, her bright eyes snapping. "Now I don't want to say this for publication, of course, but confidentially, I am the real brains of the whole organization. I've kept Christmas alive with my sentiment, and Goodness knows! I do all the work. All that man does is to rig himself in his best red suit and make one business trip a year.

I've often wished that he'd take me on one of his trips. I'd like to see something of the world, too, especially of late years since he got his automobile."

"Perhaps the time will come, " suggested the reporter, "when the world will demand a lady Santa Claus.:

"I know that I could fill the bill and satisfy the trade," said Mrs. Claus, modestly.

As the interviewer was flecking a bit of white cotton batting snow from her sleeve, Mrs. Claus asked suddenly: "Wouldn't you like to look through our sample room?"

She led the way to the large building in the rear of the cottage. Build in the shape of a Noah's ark, it contained every kind of Christmas present that had ever been given.

Puck Magazine, Volume 80, Christmas Number, Week Ending December 2, 1916, Page 15

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